*Are you in your body?
Witness the Gimp Project!
*Body Wisdom
*Raise a hand in blessing


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh…

Are you in your body?

Shake out one hand, shake out another.

Shake out whatever you’re sitting on.

No hand, foot, legs, heart?

Then shake what you can and breathe…

inhaling and exhaling is our common dance.

You can dance whatever you have not just your small b body, but with the BODYSPIRITBREATH that lives for glory!

Witness the Gimp Project!

Body Wisdom:

Everyone is a gimp. We lose “it” –our mind, spirit, balance, job, relationship, home. We fall off the curb of life. “Becoming a gimp is the easiest way to join a minority” says one “gimper.”

In InterPlay, where possible, we learn that we can “get on (with truth), get off (don’t get stuck in any given spot), and get over it. (move on).”  This is the best way to get ready for whatever is next. We call it improvising.

Is there some part of you that makes you a gimp? Could that Dance? Sing? Tell? Be in Contact? Or just be?

Imagine that limit in one hand.

Bring your other hand in contact with it.

Two hands together, create a whole dance of glory, to bless,  and even “play” with it all.

Raise a hand in blessing to many others InterPlaying with our beautiful world.

Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh.


P.S If you receive the Friday Virtual InterPlays and believe in the work of InterPlay, consider contributing to our Million Connections Campaign to give wings to the work of InterPlayers leading communities around the globe toward health, peace, and visionary support for our times.

A 1900 contribution supports a Next Gen InterPlayer to receive a two week InterPlay training for social change. 500 dollars will support InterPlay Outreach in a prison, school, or mental health community. A monthly pledge will give wings to people like Laura, a gifted leader who believes that InterPlay is the way to bring healing to women of color in her community.

About fridaymorninginterplay

Cynthia Winton-Henry co-founded InterPlay an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. It has spread around the world. Cynthia is a teacher, performer, writer, and spiritual leader.
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